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We are delighted to inform all schools that we will continue to provide flexible support to  headteachers, school management team, school leadership team, and teachers.  From September 2010, schools wishing to continue to take part in events and CPD, whilst receiving INSET and other specialist support, will need to join Skyeward.  We will work with you based on your school's budget.  For additional information, email Ruth Bridges at


New members' introductory rates given. 


  What do schools receive as members:

  1. Cost efficient timetabling:  We plan most of our training and workshops during afterschool hours
  2. Your own LCI: A Local Consultant for Improvement is available to come into your school to offer support each month
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. Shared good practice within local borough
  5. LCI specialist support  
  6. CPD and INSET
  7. Proven, useful and practical resources 
  8. Workshop and activities for pupils