Is your school ready?


Is your school ready to meet the challenge of G&T education with the ‘scaled-back’ capacity of the national programme – the seriously reduced capacity within the DCSF and the impending demise of the National Strategies at the end of March 2011?

We offer G&T programmes for your school during half-term, summer holidays and some Saturdays, linked to school-based provision.

We provide clarity in the understanding of what G&T should look like at a classroom level, whether this is on a subject- or phase-specific level.  Our LCI, Mary Pfeiffer, provides individually tailored support to schools.  She will help train and support you and your teachers, providing clear practical indications of what excellence looks like in ways which relate to your school's own experience, expertise, interests and context. 

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 ‘How can your G&T programme achieve whole-school improvement?’

G&T has traditionally worked at things from the ‘Why don’t you try?’ perspective; with junior colleagues trying to shape the practice and challenge the perceptions of their elders and betters. We suggest that this question be replaced with ‘How can a G&T programme achieve whole-school improvement?’

With our support the G&T strategy becomes a range of interventions aimed at increasing the performance of identified learners, each gradually adding to the capacity of the school to stretch and challenge all learners. We do not want any child left behind.  Over the past 12 years, Mary Pfeiffer has worked with schools, helping  schools to raise standards.  With support, schools are able to effectively demonstrate the impact of their G&T education on the key performance measures within the framework, meeting critical tasks within the self-evaluation process.