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Skyeward - A personalised touch.

We understand that no two schools are the same.  We work with each school's individual and budgetary needs.We are an independent association that helps schools to raise expectations and aspirations at all levels working with the new UK Government and the Department for Education .  We understand the new pressures schools are facing.  We offer:

·         no overbearing bureaucracy, but practical tailored solutions and an authoritative knowledge base for teachers, leading teachers, headteachers, and school governors

·         leading recourses and training for schools

·         flexible support/training hours – supply teachers are costly, we therefore offer CPD and teacher support from 4pm and on Saturdays

·         Termly network meetings

·         half-term, summer, and Saturday programmes for pupils

Local Consultants for Improvement (LCI) 


Mary Pfeiffer is our LCI for Waltham Forest Primary Schools.  Sub-contracted from Skyeward to VT Group, she has supported  Waltham Forest schools in improving effective provision for all pupils.  For the past year, Mary has been working closely with Hillyfield, St Patrick's, St Saviour's CE, Longshaw, Davies Lane, Greenleaf, Thorpe Hall and other Primary schools throughout Waltham Forest. 

Focused support to schools:

Training and easy to use templates for SIP and New Ofsted Framework.

EAL support in line with Parent Pupil Guarantee (PPG)

Half-term, summer, and Saturday events linked to school provision.

Leading G&T resources and practical guidance on G&T register moving towards whole-school improvement.

Individual Challenge Plan training/support